Furnace Maintenance Tips for Spring

Furnace Maintenance Tips for Spring

Springtime is the good season to check on the condition of your furnace after a long winter and the coming summer. This is especially important if you are using an HVAC system that produces both hot and cold air.

As your reliable HVAC consultants, we want to share with you some ways on how to make sure your furnace is still in good shape.

  • Pressure wash your heat pump or condensing unit
    Do not wait until summer before you’ll do this unless you don’t want to use your heating system again. Pressure washing will get rid of the winter grime and gravels caught inside during the cold season. Cleaning all the parts of your system will recondition it for fall.
  • Check if you need to replace the filter
    Unlike the AC unit, the filter of your furnace needs replacement once every quarter. You would always hear from HVAC engineering services in Illinois that clogged or dirty filters will not only affect the efficiency of your system, but it could shorten its life as well.

To get more advice on how to keep your furnace in good shape, get in touch with us here at Aneco Engineering Services LLC. We are composed of reputable HVACR technicians in Oak Park, Illinois.

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