Will Your AC Survive the Summer Heat?

Will Your AC Survive the Summer Heat?

It’s already in the middle of summer here in Illinois, and for sure, you’ve set your AC to get that right amount of cooling. The big question is, is your AC system capable of performing under the summer heat? Don’t worry, because as HVAC consultants, we’ll help you find out.

As providers of HVAC engineering services in Illinois, we always recommend that you get periodic maintenance for your AC unit. Assuming you didn’t, here are some telltale signs your AC will probably not hold this summer:

  • If your AC unit is leaking fluid and not just condensate, then it probably is a sign of a mechanical or structural issue.
  • Your electrical bills are running higher than the previous summer, without much change in your use of electrical appliances. An old and malfunctioning AC unit can be the cause.
  • A decrease in overall air quality can be noticeable. Your AC unit’s filters are probably the culprit. The accumulated dust can overwork your AC unit and add unnecessary heat.

If you encounter any of the above signs, it is probably time to have your AC unit checked by proper HVACR technicians in Oak Park, Illinois. For that, you can’t go wrong with Aneco Engineering Services LLC. We provide maintenance support for your HVAC units, and we can also install a new one for you! Please contact us at 708-434-5955 to know more.

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